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It was BEYOND fun. I loved it! It is really great for a group of coworkers, too because it is definitely all about teamwork. Although my group didn’t make it out on time…lol…we learned some lessons along the way. The staff is super friendly, too.

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Team Building – Review
Last Thursday, I led my team of eight work colleagues into a locked room!

Being a geographically distributed team, we rely on virtual meeting space and recognize weak virtual connections leave a wealth of creative opportunity unexplored. Project success usually depends upon mutual respect and free flow of information. Prior to a project kick-off last week, I nominated four Richmond “internal customers” and four “remote resources” for a voluntary escape room experiment at Room Escape USA. My objective is to expedite a creative problem solving connection between key project resources.

The general manager at Room Escape USA collaborated with me on content, agenda and objectives. Upon arrival, she led us through a self-discovery activity as preparation for the first escape. Post escape #1, we explored lessons learned about each other and opportunities for improvement in the second room. After our second successful escape, each participant was asked to share how their experience mapped to our project objectives, the way we work together, and opportunities for an improved team dynamic.

The first room (Dr. Ensaine) is an illustration of our business and current-state project reality. Isolated individuals and groups worked concurrently on distinct escape problems, too numerous for each individual to tackle together. The second room (Family Secrets) offered a linear step-by-step progression where it was much easier for each individual to follow concurrent escape room activities. The last room offered a metaphor for the team’s preferred project scenario.

I have observed uncharacteristic availability from individuals for collaboration this week. The escape room laboratory offered our team a detached insight when outside of the typical workflow. Dynamics and habits surfaced and behavior was immediately open for discussion. I will use this team-based escape room technique again.

FB 7

What an AMAZING TIME!!! We’ve done the escape room on Three Chopt and thought we’d give this one a try.. It was definitely worth it!! The staff was great, informative and just so down to earth! We did the Family Secrets Room and it was just a BLAST!! The puzzles were great, and the room was well put together! We really did have a great time and booked another room for the future, we can’t wait to come back!!

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We had a great time in Dr. Ensaine’s office! Really well thought out and unique puzzles. Had 3 13 year-old boys with me and they loved the whole experience. Helped that we made it out with just 3 minutes to spare. Very friendly and helpful staff!!

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We selected Room Escape for one of our law firm’s team building day events. Excellent choice. One of the owners operated the game that day and was very helpful in explaining and preparing our teams. I would highly recommend this for not just companies, but for groups of friends and family. Dave Noll / Cravens & Noll, P.C.

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By far it’s one of the best escape rooms out there. The group we have gone to 2 different escape rooms and we love this one the most! We can’t wait for the next room!!! You’ve got to come check it out!!!

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Escape Room USA was amazing! Our group was a mix of pros and rookies and we all had a wonderful time. The staff was very kind and helpful (when requested). And the set up was FUN, the rooms are tricky and creative making for an awesome experience and good time.

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We have done several these now and wow, blown away at how fun and good this place was. The staff was also very nice. Can’t wait to go back and try the other room now. Has a very nice lobby for waiting also.

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My husband and I have done a small handful of rooms with large groups. This was the first time we ever did a room on our own. We booked both rooms and were absolutely blown away by the rooms. They were both by far the best I have ever done. They had great themes and intelligent puzzles but they were not impossible puzzles either. I am so impressed by the owner taking his time to accommodate my husband and I on such short notice. We had an absolute blast in both of the rooms and again woke up this morning wanting more! Once more rooms open we will gladly take the trip back up to RVA to experience more rooms of this company!!! Thank you so much for such a great time! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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Best Escape room we have been to yet! Great story, room interaction and a lot of thought went into the puzzles! Will return for the room when it opens up soon!!!! Please check these guys out as it is worth the great price and time spent there!